How One Company Refused to Let Its Cyberattackers Win

As the threat of ransomware grows, companies have felt pressed to pay massive amounts to hackers holding systems hostage. One business decided not to give in to their attackers’ demands.

Cyberattacks like the recent global attack that impacted multiple companies over the Fourth of July weekend, this spring’s disruptive attack on Colonial Pipeline and 2017’s infamous Wan…

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Elon Musk Says Twitter Must Prove Bot Claims for $44B Deal to Proceed

Elon Musk declared he won’t proceed with his $44 billion takeover of Twitter Inc. unless the social media giant can prove bots make up fewer than 5% of its users, casting yet more uncertainty over the deal.

The billionaire tweeted “this deal cannot move forward” unless Twitter provides proof of its claims, reiterating his own view that the ratio is far higher.


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Jeff Bezos Sells Amazon Shares Worth at Least $2 Billion

SEATTLE — Jeff Bezos filed a statement with federal regulators indicating his sale of nearly 12 million shares of Amazon stock worth more than $2 billion.

The Amazon executive chairman notified the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission of the sale of 11,997,698 shares of common stock on Feb. 7 and Feb. 8.

The collective value of the shares of Amazon, which is based in …

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Microsoft Agrees to Human Rights Review of Deals With Law Enforcement and Government

Microsoft Corp., which has faced pressure from employees and shareholders over contracts with governments and law enforcement agencies, agreed to commission an independent human rights review of some of those deals.

The move came in response to a June filing of a shareholder proposal asking the company to evaluate how well it sticks to its human rights statement and related policies. Micr…

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Closing the Global Gender Gap Requires CEOs to Adopt a Moonshot Mindset

What will the world look like in 132 years?

When you hear that question, you probably wonder a few things: who your great-great-grandchildren will be, how our climate has weathered the century, and maybe even if the metaverse will be the basis of all connection.

Do you imagine a world where everyone—regardless of gender—earns the same?

Research shows that based on …

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Musk Asks If He Should Sell 10% of His Tesla Stock

Elon Musk proposed selling 10% of his Tesla Inc. stock on Twitter Saturday, and took a poll of people on the social network to see if they supported it.

Musk said he would “abide by the results of this poll, whichever way it goes.”

The amount of stock in play is valued at about $21 billion, based on his holdings of 170.5 million Tesla shares. The stock, which surged 74% …

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Who Benefits From the Infrastructure Bill-

The Senate on Tuesday approved a $1.2 trillion proposal to improve the nation’s aging infrastructure, offering hope of a historic boost to several industries that stand to benefit from increased funding and regulations. While the bill must still clear the House, where it faces a rocky path over the next few weeks, the Senate outcome marks a major step forward in President Joe Biden’…

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This Year’s Hurricane Season Threatens One of the U.S.’s Biggest Economies

As the June 1 start of hurricane season approached last week, Florida lawmakers raced to address a crucial gap in the state’s coastal defenses: property insurance. Insurance markets in the state are in crisis, with premiums skyrocketing and many homeowners unable to find companies willing to insure their homes against damage. Part of the problem is fraud and abuse that increases costs for…

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Why It’s So Hard to Find Baby Formula in the U.S. Right Now

Parents across the U.S. have been scouring social media or crossing states to get hold of baby formula amid a national shortage driven by ongoing pressure on supply chains.

The crisis has worsened in the past few weeks as 40% of popular baby formula brands were sold out at U.S. retailers in the week beginning April 24, according to an analysis by Datasembly of more than 11,000 stores. Th…

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Why Gas Prices May be Set to Spike Again

Right now, the price to fill up at the pump may not feel all that bad. With the average price of a gallon of gasoline around $3.30 in the U.S. this week, down about $1.50 since its peak last summer, the issue has fallen out of the headlines.

But as China reopens its economy and the Russian war in Ukraine shows no signs of ebbing, analysts are warning that the price of crude oil may rise …

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