McDonald’s Debuts New Spicy Mac And Cheese Burger In Korea

The Spicy Mac and Cheese Burger features a spicy chicken breast patty that’s topped with spicy cayenne pepper-flavored mac and cheese made with Grana Padano and cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce and mayonnaise, all sandwiched between a sesame seed bun.

The new offering is available a la carte for 6,200 Korean won, or about $5.28 US dollars.

The Spicy Mac…

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Nacho Fries Returning To Taco Bell On March 10, 2022

Nacho Fries feature crispy golden French fries coated in bold Mexican seasoning and served with a dippable side of warm, nacho cheese sauce for dipping.

To celebrate their return, Taco Bell is offering Reward members early access from March 8 to March 9, exclusively from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. local time.

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New Grill’Wich Breakfast Sandwiches Spotted At Burger King

New Grill’Wich Breakfast Sandwiches Spotted At Burger King

The new breakfast sandwiches all feature a flame-grilled flatbread as the standout ingredient.

Here’s a closer look at the…

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Papa Johns Introduces New Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia

Made to order with the brand’s fresh, never frozen, original dough, the Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia comes filled with the your choice of chicken, beef, steak or other fillings, all toasted and dusted with bold ranch seasoning. It also comes with extra sauce on the side for dipping.คำพูดจาก Read more

O’Charley’s Offers New Build-Your-Own Feast For Easter 2023

Each take-home meal is $60 and will serve up to six people. Here’s how it works:คำพูดจาก เว็บสล็อตใหม่ล่าสุด 2024

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  • Spinach & Artichoke Dip
  • Potato Skins
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Oreo Launches New Space Dunk Cookies With A Chance To Win A Trip To The Edge Of Space

Available for presale starting January 23, 2024 at at, each Space Dunk Cookie is stuf’d with layers of blue and pink “cosmic creme” with marshmallowy flavor, and popping candies that create a supernova bursting sensation with each bite. The cookies also each feature one of five galactic embossments and, for the first time in Oreo cookie hist…

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Potbelly Offers Free Cookie With Any Entree Purchase On August 10, 2022

To take advantage of the offer, simply order online or through the Potbelly app with the promo code “CAMPFIRE.” Qualifying entrees include any sandwich, whole salad, bowl of soup or Pick Your Pair.

Free cookies available as part of the promotion include Potbelly’s new S’mores Cookie, as well as any of the brand’s cookies, including the classic Oatmeal Chocol…

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Sisters’ sweet idea makes $4m in 12 months

Tina, 51, vividly remembers putting an end to her science degree at Sydney University to pursue a dream her parents weren’t too fond of – opening a handmade chocolate company – Adora Handmade Chocolates.

The then 21-year-old also managed to get her sister on-board.

“Katerina (34 at the time) will tell you I ‘conned’ her into it, but I merely &lsq…

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Smashburger Offers $6.99 Classic Double Burgers From January 26 Through February 1, 2024

Fans can enjoy the special offer in-store or through the app or website with promo code “OGDOUBLE.”

The offer also includes Classic Double Turkey Burgers and Classic Double Black Bean Burgers.คำพูดจาก สล็อตวอเลท

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Panda Express Welcomes Back Wok-Fired Shrimp

Panda Express Welcomes Back Wok-Fired Shrimp

The returning fan-favorite dish features seared premium marinated shrimp with fresh-cut red bell peppers, yellow onions and sugar snap peas, all wok-tossed in a sweet and sp…

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